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Name : Ritocoin

Ticker : RITO

POW algorithm : X21S

Block Time : 60s

Block Reward : Decreasing, smooth emission curve. (scroll down to see the emission in details)

Premine : None

Supply in 50 years (2069) : 2,030,907,256 RITO

Explorer :


Current supply :

x21s_hash :

x16s is the basis. 16 different algos hashed very similarly to x16r

After you go through those first hashing series, you then take the result and feed that result into 5 more algos. Including lyra2 TWICE (line 193 of the code above)

Useful link : Rito_emissions Compute the past and future block reward emissions for Ritocoin

Year 1 Ritocoin block reward schedule


Ritocoin lifetime block reward schedule